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Are you looking for a friendly supervisor to support you with your caseload?

Fees- £50 per hour or £70 for 1 1/2 hours

Psychologist Session


Supervision is extremely important in the counselling profession for both beginners and the more advanced counsellor. 
In supervision I work collaboratively and in accessible way that enables the counsellor to grow, develop and ask questions, in a safe place. Working with me will ensure you stay grounded, maintain professional and ethical boundaries and regularly practice self-care. Together we reflect and review on clinical work to support both you as the counsellor and ultimately the clients.
Please contact me for a chat if you would like to consider working with me or have any questions.

Supportive Friend


Feeling a bit overwhelmed in your profession? Caught in an ethical dilemma? Coming home from work emotionally exhausted? It might be time to seek help, I offer clinical supervision to both qualified and trainee professionals. More recently organisations are seeing the benefits of providing regular supervision to individuals who often give so much to others. I am available to provide clinical supervision to any professional, HR, education setting staff, NHS workers, etc. Contact me today and let me help you support you to be a thriving employee.

Supervision: Services
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